Chocolate Mousse

I was researching chocolate cream cake fillers for a holiday yule log and thought… why use a regular cream filling when I could do a chocolate mousse filling?! And then found this recipe online. Someday, I may go for her whole cake recipe, but for now, I borrowed the chocolate mousse for my holiday treat.Read More

Christmas Bark

My boyfriend, today’s guest chef, makes Christmas Bark every year for his family, friends and co-workers. It’s super easy and we are here to show you how. First, you will need buy lots of chocolate. He gets the chocolate pieces at our local cake supply stores. 2 bags of 16 oz of dark chocolate andRead More

Snickers Cake

My boyfriend’s birthday happened to fall on the day after Thanksgiving this year. After making all that homemade caramel earlier that week for my apple pie caramel cupcakes, I asked him if he’d like a snickers cake for his day. He was delighted to oblige. I decided to make a simple devil’s food cake packageRead More