Blackberries are SO IN!


Before making my last cake for a 4-way joint birthday party with my family, I saw a video on using lustre dust to make beautiful golden blackberries. (Video is here if you’d like to be inspired too.) These gorgeous golden berries were then made to be the center of some buttercream flowers. Yeah… golden blackberries as the center of buttercream flowers on a cake. Sounds pretty awesome, right? It was like a modern update on tired old buttercream roses – SO cool!


They came out so nice… a method I’ll definitely be doing again. I just need to make sure these blackberries are really, really dry before applying that gold dust. I plucked some out of my frozen mixed berry bag from the freezer (normally used for smoothies) and let them thaw on the counter. I dabbed with paper towels as they were thawing, but I think I may have been a tad impatient and used them before they were completely thawed or dried. At the time of lighting the candles, there was blackberry juice dripping down the side of the cake – but family don’t care.

I have since been noticing blackberries everywhere! Like when Phantom Gourmet posted these delicious-looking pancakes with blackberries on top:

Or like when Stop & Shop’s Peapod service sent me an email suggesting I buy some blackberries (which I’ve never bought by themselves before).

Or this peach and carrot cake I saw on Pinterest that was decorated with blackberries:

Now this next cake I saw on instagram and saw that strawberries were painted gold instead of blackberries… I suppose you could apply the same technique to blueberries, raspberries, or any other berry of choice (are there any left I haven’t mentioned)?

You may or may not have heard it here first – but the Smiley Kitchen is declaring that BLACKBERRIES ARE SO IN! And covering berries in gold too… also so in. 🙂


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