It’s been a Bride’s Life


WOW… it has been an insanely busy year. I wrote a little about the first half of my year in my previous post but the second half has been very hectic as well. First off, My boyfriend and I became officially engaged during our Truro, MA, Cape Cod vacation. (Yay!) And I am slightly ashamed to say that I’ve been fully consumed/obsessed with all things wedding-related ever since. However, I’m making a significant effort to not be one of those girls who talks about her wedding non-stop. I’ve spent years finding those girls so ultimately annoying (perhaps a little envious) and I’ve been pretty good about only speaking the wedding talk when someone asks me about it. But since this is my blog, I’m just going to indulge myself in a little wedding talk for a bit…

It will be Oct. 26 this year when we will become husband and wife! I will be a 36-year old bride and after so many years being unlucky in love, it still feels unreal. My groom is an artist and totally into the creative brainstorming process. As with my cake decorating, it’s fun to bounce my ideas off of him and see what we come up with. We want a fairly small wedding (80) that has a fall feel with pumpkins, leaves and such with only hints of Halloween here and there. Oh and PURPLE. I love my purple and not only will my MOH and BMs be wearing it but I thought it would be fun to have “purple attire is requested” on invitations. Everyone wears purple! My gown was purchased in December and it’s a huge relief. I wanted something with some sort of antique/Victorian feel to it (but still modern) so I can embellish myself with all sorts of vintage jewelry. I think we found a good one. It’s going to be great! I was born a project manager and this brain is full of timelines and actions of things I’d like to do. I’ve been putting my poor groom to work on all the “marketing collateral” and he’s done a brilliant job thus far. It’s going to be so great to see it all put together… sort of like an art project.

In between researching, planning and purchasing ‘all things wedding’ online… there was the holidays. For Halloween, we were Jack & Rose from the Titanic. This forced a wedding break so we could buy and create things like frosty wigs and a life preserver made out of foam and men’s white t-shirts. And by the way, we won the “Best Couple” contest at the party we attended! Boo-ya! (Get it? “Boo” ya!) Since I do own the Wilton Skull Cake Pan, there aren’t many opportunities to use it other than Halloween. The previous October, I made a cute skull cake for my coworker as a graduation present. This year, I went with a mummy cake with strips of cut fondant for its wrappings and balls of fondant for eyes. I brought it into work and it was a hit!

The skull cake pan takes about 1 and 2/3rds cake mixes. The remaining mix was re-purposed for cupcakes! The Hersey’s cocoa frosting was delicious as always for the inside of Skull and the tops of cupcakes.

Speaking of coworkers… I have a coworker who was recently married and we had a little cake and presents for her. Her collateral was themed around the ampersand she designed. I tried to replicate using upside down white chocolate chips… not my best work:

For Thanksgiving, I tried my hand at a turkey cake tutorial in Cake Boss’ book that I received for Christmas 2011:

How cute is this guy? Instead of a giant dollop of white frosting for the head, my groom carved out this head/neck for me to decorate.

Turkey Cake Tutorial by Cake Boss

For Christmas, I made my same yule logs as last year, but did not do the traditional sugar cookies. Instead, I tried making fudge for the first time. I first used the Carnation Evaporated Milk recipe for fudge. My first batch was cooked too much and cooled into solid rock fudge that was immediately placed into the trash. The second batch was better and I handed out to coworkers. The third batch was done the following week with the recipe on the Fluff container (aptly named “Never Fail Fudge”) and Ghirardelli chocolate chips – THAT was a keeper. Delish! I also found a new recipe for these adorable mini chocolate cheesecakes on Pinterest. I even bought the candy cane kisses to place on top. These were for my friend’s holiday party and I was shocked at how fast they went!

Mini Dark Chocolate Candy Cane Kiss Cheesecakes

I stole this photo from the blog from where the recipe came, but you will see that the pans she used are not mini cupcake pans… however, that’s what I used and they came out fine! The shape was just slightly more angled, but no big deal. I used mini cupcake papers for the party I was going to just be more sanitary and that was fine too.

This month, I’ll be making about 150 cupcakes and a small 8 in. cake for my soon-to-be cousin’s wedding! I’ve made 100 cupcakes before but 150 will be a challenge. I think I’m up for it, though! It really all goes back to weddings, doesn’t it? Or maybe just in my world right now. 🙂  I will follow up on how everything went next month!


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