Snickers Cake


My boyfriend’s birthday happened to fall on the day after Thanksgiving this year. After making all that homemade caramel earlier that week for my apple pie caramel cupcakes, I asked him if he’d like a snickers cake for his day. He was delighted to oblige.

I decided to make a simple devil’s food cake package mix (after all those Thanksgiving desserts, I deserved to cheat!) and divided between my two new 9×9 square pans.

I filled the cake with my chocolate fudge frosting, chopped snickers bars and caramel.

I had seen a cake online recently where the sides were white and the top was chocolate and thought it looked really nice – classy almost. I purchased mini snickers and cut them all in half. The top halves were put along the cake’s bottom border as decoration, but the bottoms were chopped up for the cake filling.

Then I thought I’d practice my roses and reverse shell border. I never do cursive writing on a cake, but figured I’d better start practicing that too.

Crushed peanuts were delicious and also a great decoration along the sides. His family ate this cake for a little over a week until it was gone! 🙂

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