4th of July Cakes


This year, I was invited to two social engagements to celebrate our great nation’s birthday. TWO! I’m totally the social butterfly of the South Shore. I was so excited for my parties, I started baking up vanilla cupcakes – but with a surprise inside.

This is a great idea if you can’t decide between cookies or cake. Do both! In the past, I’ve done a large cake with dollops of cookie dough splattered amongst the top of the cake batter. And when it comes out of the oven, the wonderful chocolate chip cookie dough has sunk to the bottom creating a golden layer of delicious cookie. For the cupcake version, I didn’t want to risk the cookie not sinking to the bottom properly, so I spooned the cookie dough into the the bottom of cupcake papers first, then poured on the cake batter. The results were beautiful and delicious… just how I like it:

I recommend doing this with vanilla cake only because the cookie will visually stand out more against the pale gold. Plus, vanilla cake does take a bit of a backseat and allows the chocolate chip cookie flavor to shine.

Red frosting is challenging, but I had my lovely assistant sprinkle the red ones with red sprinkles to give it more of a crimson boost. My blue food coloring doesn’t really make flag-blue, but I was running out of time and just went with the color seen here. With the white fondant stars, they looked very Captain America… which coincidentally is a movie opening at the end of July. Now if only I could’ve scored a Captain America party…

I made enough cupcakes to create my cupcake flag idea for each party and had some batter leftover to make a small cake (which ended up being consumed by my co-workers). I used a flag-shaped cookie cutter to make an outline of the flag on my buttercream cake and then filled it in. I really enjoyed using my fondant star cutouts to make the fondant stars. I also enjoyed playing with the blue layers under the stars. One of them is a bit more ruffly. But this is what this time is all about. Learning and experimentation with cake decorating!

And then we had a photoshoot:

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